Surprise Father's Day photoshoot
June 21st, 2020
Mile's birthdays party. Documentary style. 
Unfortunately their friends and family could not be there because of COVID but participated by watching it through Skype and later by looking at this pictures
June 6th, 2020
Sophie's 1st birthday
January 25th, 2020
Christmas scene photoshoot 2019 
One year old
March 16th, 2019
Baby Girl
December 2018
His name is Max
November 8th, 2018
Family who won Silent Auction 
August 8th, 2018
Come visit us!
July 11th, 2018
Family, Charles River in Cambridge
June 8th, 2018
One month old
April 18th, 2018
Larz Anderson park, Brookline, MA
November 23rd, 2017
November 11th, 2017
New addition to the family
September 23rd, 2017
Bring your camera to the party
August 10th, 2017
The gallery
June 5th, 2017
The Band
February 27th, 2017
 Seabrook beach, New Hampshire
February 5th, 2017
The story of one puddle
October 20th, 2016
Family at North Point Park
November 11th, 2016
Fun at Dana Park
October 23rd, 2016
Maternity shoot in Boston Common
October 17th, 2016
Colby Farm
September 10th, 2016
August 10th, 2016
July 7th, 2016
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